Bentonite (a Natural Hydrated Aluminium Silicate) is listed in the Cosmetics Directive of the European Union (Annex IV Part I) as CI 77004 and may be used in all cosmetics and personal care products When used as a color in cosmetic products in the European Union this ingredient must be called CI 77004 Bentonite Clay a combination of montmorillonite and volcanic ash is a highly adsorbent clay that cleanses the skin It's especially beneficial for those with oily skin and wonderful in use as a clay poultice mud pack facial mask and even in some lotion and cleanser recipes

bentonite in cosmetic creams

Bentonite 4446 BC -White Bentonite 4446 is used extensively in pharmaceutical products personal care products and cosmetics This grade of bentonite is typically water-washed to remove impurities and lower the grit content Cosmetics -High purity bentonites are used in cosmetic preparations as pigment binders and suspending agents They are also

It has application as an additive for foundry coatings industrial coatings detergents ceramics and products Bentonite gels are used as a carrier for a number of cosmetic preparations toothpastes creams etc Bentonite is also used in chemical rubber insecticide pesticide industries and in civil construction works Submit

Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring by product of volcanic ash exposed to wind and water It is added to natural body powders usually in combination with corn starch or orris root powder Moistened with a small amount of water bentonite clay makes an excellent facial mask to draw out impurities from the skin

Bentonite Clay - Thickener Emulsion Stabilizer Description: Bentonite is a natural clay that typically derives from volcanic ash It consists mainly of silica (58-61%) aluminum (21-22%) and various other minerals including sodium magnesium calcium ferric oxide and potassium

As the main difference between kaolin and bentonite clay we can take their formation Kaolin forms as a result of weathering of aluminium silicate minerals such as feldspar whereas Bentonite forms from volcanic ash in the presence of water The below infographic presents the difference between kaolin and bentonite clay in tabular form


Bentonite is used as a filler in pharmaceuticals and for its absorption/adsorption functions It is also employed in creams face-powders and spa mud preparations Bentonite is natural occurring sedimentary clay which contains Montmorillonite clay mineral which composed mainly of Silica Alumina and Iron Oxide and other trace element

2) Natural Sodium Bentonite or Sodium Montmorillonite 3) Sodium Activated Bentonites or Sodium Activated Montmorillonites Bentonite minerals occur as lenses or seams containing up to 50% moisture They are rocklike in nature and usually extracted by opencast mining (quarrying) Natural sodium bentonite as the name suggests occurs with sodium

The 10 Different Types of Cosmetic Formulas You Must Know Posted on March 31 2014 by Perry Romanowski While there are literally thousands of different types of cosmetic products there are actually only 10 different types of cosmetic formulas Ingredients like carbomer or bentonite clays are useful

Bentonite clay can be used instead of face powder The clay powder is free from any damaging ingredients is completely safe This clay powder is considered as non –toxic cosmetic staple The bentonite clay is one the best cleansing products that can clean your body both internally and externally on your skin

This grade of bentonite is typically water-washed to remove impurities and lower the grit content High purity bentonite s are used in cosmetic preparations as pigment binders and suspending agents Uses: Thickeners in lotions Creams Liquid facial cleansers Anti dandruff shampoos Body powders Deodorant sprays Deodorant stick

Is it a good idea to use a bentonite clay mask everyday? It depends! oily skin dryness or some other cosmetic skin issue it's tempting to jump into a new product or routine with both feet We might use tons of products every day apply harsh cleansers and creams and over exfoliate but this often makes the issue worse Table of

The type of Fullers Earth one should apply to the skin would be a mixture of open mined minerals of montmorillonite and a small mixture of bentonite Cosmetic clays are made up of different mineral contents and each clay type has a different effect on the skin

White cosmetic clay also known as white kaolin clay is a very fine and light clay that has natural absorbency properties White cosmetic clay is found in virtually all powdered and dry cosmetics and most wet cosmetics including soaps scrubs poultices deodorants facial powders and

Thickening Agents for Cosmetic Formulations

Thickening Agents for Cosmetic Formulations Posted on June 16 They are used most often in creams and lotions Some common types include Cetyl Alcohol Stearyl Alcohol Materials include Silica Bentonite and Magnesium Aluminum Silicate These thickeners can be used to thicken oils as well as water based formulations

This stuff is the best diaper rash cream on the planet The bentonite clay aids in quick healing and the zinc oxide creates a moisture barrier for baby's skin Best diaper rash cream video I recently shared my favorite cloth diaper covers and my cloth diaper washing routine Seemed only fitting to me that I []

Biological Support of Clinical Use of Calcium Bentonite Clay (CBC) in Dentistry and Natural Medicine 3 no regard for its origin " Lpez-Galindo A Viseras C Cerezo P Compositional technical and safety specifications of clays to be used as pharmaceutical and cosmetic products Applied Clay Science 2007 Apr 30 36(1):51-63

As the Second World War came to an end many cosmetic companies looked into uses for barrier creams and a number of products were released onto the domestic market after the war Above: 1950 A scientist in an Innoxa laboratory demonstrating the effectiveness of

Description : Sourced direct from the producer in U S A True Bentonite Clay (Sodium Bentonite Powder) contains up to 70% Montmorillonite along with volcanic ash and over 70 different minerals Although some companies say Bentonite Clay and Fullers Earth are the same product we disagree and that is why we offer both seperately

Many plumping cremes use Bentonite because it transports moisture from the lower layers of the skin to the surface In reality these so-called anti-aging creams do more harm than good by dehydrating the deeper levels of the epidermis and damaging the cells and all for a superficial plumping effect

Bentonite 670 NF / BC acne lotions medicinal skin creams ointments skin creams salves tablet binding powder preparations etc Cosmetics -High purity bentonites are used in cosmetic preparations as pigment binders and suspending agents They are also used as thickeners in lotions creams liquid facial cleansers