Soon the British Dutch Danish and Germans arrived The British eventually made the Gold Coast a colony and a bordering area the Togoland a trust territory Both of these areas would later become Ghana In 1957 Ghana was the first of the sub-Saharan colonies to become an independent nation The European forts in Ghana Posted by: Marco Ramerini in Danish Colonialism Dutch Colonialism German Colonialism On New Year's Day 1683 a Brandenburg expedition of two ships arrived on the Gold Coast and started to build a strong fort between Axim and Cape of Three Points which was named Gross-Friedrichsburg

Ghana Mining Summit

The organisers of the Ghana Mining and Energy Summit 2019 would like to express their sincere appreciation to all who contributed to the successful Conference and Exhibition which brought together all the major stakeholders in the Mining industry as well as the Energy sector

Months before the shoot Lomu had paid a village chief $12 500 of his Utah investors' money to secure a 25-acre plot of land an hour outside the town of Dunkwa the epicenter of Ghana's gold rush When the cast and crew arrived on the first day of filming however they found it crawling with Chinese miners

The Methodist Church Ghana came into existence as a result of the missionary activities of the Wesleyan Methodist Church inaugurated with the arrival of Joseph Rhodes Dunwell to the Gold Coast (Ghana) in 1835 Like the mother church the Methodist Church in Ghana was established by people of Anglican background

Jul 11 2019CEO of embattled Gold Firm – MenzGold Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 has reportedly arrived in Ghana today according to a news article on MyJoyOnline READ: Mama Gee Arrested For Selling 'Husband Snatching Products' NAM1 was incarceration in Dubai United Arab Emirates where he had gone in pursuit of his company's funds in December 2018

Ghana's Famous Declaration was made in 1947 by Danquah (who the British came to declare as the Doyen of Gold Coast politicians) Nkrumah was not in the country at all The great leader said: "We have come from all the corners of this country (to decide) how we are to be governed a new kind of freedom a Gold Coast liberty

Dutch Gold Coast

The Dutch Gold Coast or Dutch Guinea officially Dutch possessions on the Coast of Guinea ( Dutch: Nederlandse Bezittingen ter Kuste van Guinea) was a portion of contemporary Ghana that was gradually colonized by the Dutch beginning in 1598 The colony became the most important Dutch colony in West Africa after Fort Elmina was captured from

Ghana is a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa with the capital city of Accra It was where Europeans first arrived for trading in gold and then later in slaves National Geographic writes The precious metal that once gave its name to the Gold Coast lured Portuguese Danes Dutch Germans and British After Ghana's independence from Britain in 1957 President Kwame

The Genesis of Wesleyan Missionary Activities in the Gold Coast now Ghana (1835f) and the arrival and work of the Rev Joseph Rhodes Dunwell The Rev Joseph Rhodes Dunwell the pioneer Wesleyan Methodist Missionary to work in the Gold Coast arrived in the country on 1st January 1835 Before him a number of missionaries of

The British Gold Coast Crown Colony was established in 1874 History Evidence shows humans lived in Ghana beginning around 1500 BC No proof exists to link those inhabitants with the modern population of Ghana The Dagomba are believed to be the first settlers and were in place by 1210 AD before other ethnic groups arrived

An Introduction: Ghana formerly known as the Gold Coast was the first African country to the south of the Sahara to gain political independence from colonial rule in 1957 This former British colony of 92 000 square miles (about 238 000 square kilometers) shares boundaries with three French-speaking nations: the Cte d'Ivoire to the west Burkina Faso to the north and Togo to

The Danish Gold Coast ( Danish: Danske Guldkyst or Dansk Guinea) comprised the colonies that Denmark–Norway controlled in Africa as a part of the Gold Coast (roughly present-day southeast Ghana ) which is on the Gulf of Guinea It was colonized by the Dano-Norwegian fleet first under indirect rule by the Danish West India Company (a

Ghana was the first place the colonial masters arrived to trade in Sub-Saharan Africa Known for its gold and natural resources Ghana was then called Gold coast It later became the hub for slave trade Also Ghana was the first African nation to gain independence from Britain in 1957

Jan 02 2014Ghana is named after the ancient kingdom of Gana a legendary empire famous for its wealth and trade in gold The kingdom was located about 800 kilometres to the Northwest of the territory of present-day Ghana and occupied a region between the two rivers Senegal and Niger It was chosen as namesake as it was

Arrival Of Europeans

Arrival Of Europeans | About Ghana The advent of Portuguese explorers on the Fanti coast in 1471 marked the beginning of European contact with the Gold Coast Initially Europeans were attracted to the coast of today's Ghana because of her enormous mineral wealth which earned it the name of the "Gold Coast"

King arrived in Accra the Gold Coast (soon to be Ghana) on 4 March and attended a reception where he met then Vice President Richard Nixon King told Nixon "I want you to come visit us down in Alabama where we are seeking the same kind of freedom the Gold Coast is celebrating " (" M L King Meets") The next day King attended the

Through its two gold mining operations Newmont Mining Corporation is the major player in Ghana's gold mining sector With plans to expand beyond the boundaries of Ghana Newmont is doing everything it can to leave a lasting legacy of creating value and improving lives

This led to rioting by Ghanaians in response to police brutality which Nkrumah of the United Gold Coast Convention used to demonstrate the readiness of Ghanaians for independence Nkrumah and members of the Convention People's Party which Nkrumah formed then began to campaign for Ghana's independence from British rule

Jul 16 2016Menzbanc Ghana Limited is an affiliate of Swiss Gold Global in Zurich Switzerland and Ghana's first Bullion Bank The company undertakes dealership in gold diamonds and other precious stones and metals It handles gold bullion investments sale as well as purchase of precious stones and metals smelting and assaying bullion depository

Nov 10 2014Cape Coast Castle - Ghana It appears that George Cannon and the Eliza spent the next 22 months along the Gold Coast in the vicinity of Cape Coast Castle and Anomabu Fort collecting slaves We do not know any particulars other than that more slaves were obtained in Anomabu than Cape Coast

The Ghana Gold Rush as seen on television E Ablorh-Odjidja October 29 2012 If the government of Ghana didn't see "The Jungle Gold Rush" program that was shown on Discovery Channel television in the USA on October 26 2012 we suggest it should order a copy now

Women in Ghana Battle a U S -Owned Gold Mine for Land and Livelihood Women in Ghana Battle a U S -Owned Gold Mine for Land and Livelihood By the time Konadu arrived she says many of the cocoa trees were ruined There waiting for her was a red notice with a case number—Newmont's calling card indicating that the world's second

One of the most famous castles in Ghana's dark episode of slavery is the Cape Coast Castle It began as a trade lodge constructed by the Portuguese in 1555 on a part of the Gold Coast which later became known as the Cape Coast

Nobody knows when exactly galamsey started in Ghana but the fact is it started in the then Gold Coast a very long time ago Indeed it predates 1471 when the first Europeans the Portuguese set foot on our land at Elmina When they arrived here due to the language barrier Silent trade was adopted both as a form of communication and trade