Niro Model MP1 Stainless Steel Multi Processor Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator/Coater Stock #L1025-02 Reportedly very little used and only ran for validation Niro model MP1 stainless steel multi processor fluid bed dryer/granulator/coater Can be used for drying top spray fluid bed granulation and bottom spray powder pellet tablet coating Fluid Bed Rotor Processors from Glatt Air Techniques Source: Glatt Air Techniques The Fluid Bed Rotor Processor utilizes a rotating disk and fluidization air to provide a uniquely flexible process The rotating disk is located at the base of the product container

GLATT Procell Fluid Bed Processor

Glatt Procell5 Lab System This all-round system for maximum flexibility on a laboratory scale: Modular processing applications permit top spray bottom spray and Wurster coating for fluidized bed spouted bed or rotor processes in continuous or batch operation

FLUID BED DRYERS Display: Sort by: Aeromatic S-6 Fluid Bed Fluid Air Model 0002 Fluid Bed Processor 3953 More info Available Fluid Air Model 0002 XP 2918 Glatt Bench Top Fluid Bed Dryer Model Midi Glatt 1 - SOLD 3641 More info Available Glatt

Used Glatt GPCG PRO 120 fluid bed dryer granulator 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces and 12 bar shock rated Unit includes a 32 HS Wurster combo insert with expansion chamber The Wurster chamber designed to handle top spray and dryer capabilities with additional bottom plates Unit has a 417 liter working capacity as Wurster

Fluidized bed granulator is a one-unit system and thus saves labour cost transfer loss and time Heat transfer in fluidized bed granulator is 2-6 times greater than that generated by tray dryer The process can be automated once parameters are optimized

Fluid-bed spray-drying also offers lower operating costs and shorter process limes compared with freeze-drying Tangential Spray Fluid Bed Granulation The second fluid-bed technique for wet granulation is the tangential-spray (rotary) process available since the early 1980s (Fig 2) which depicts a tangential-spray processor

Glatt Fluid Bed Processor Used

Glatt Fluid Bed Processor Used 2019-9-18description gpcg1 glatt fluid bed dryer stainless steel construction serial number 4877 with operator manual glatt is a microprocessor fluid bed unit offering a wide variety of application such as drying agglomerating fine particle coating and tablet coating

Attributes of Fluid Bed Spray Granulation 1 High rates of heat and mass transfer A Quantity of liquid is immaterial B Control of in-process moisture content C Water or organic solvents are possible 2 Excellent mixing A As a solid added to the product container B As a liquid sprayed onto the substrate 3 Porosity of agglomerates yields high

The best known case of implemented semicontinuous fluid-bed technology is the Glatt MultiCell 4 5 which combines high shear granulation and fluid-bed drying () Typically three fluid-bed dryers are set up side by side along with a horizontal high shear granulator and a wet sieving mill

Glatt Model GPCG-1 Fluid Bed Processor capable of drying agglomerating fine partical coating and tablet coating This unit has a capacity of approximately 1-2 kgs With proper inserts machine is capable of conventional down spray bottom spray (Wurster) coater or roto granulating Exhaust air filter system allows for continuous fluidization or interupted fluidization

EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used fluid bed dryers and a number of other preowned equipment Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used fluid bed dryers from a number of respected OEMs including Vector Corporation Glatt Huttlin and many others If you don't see the used fluid bed dryer that you're looking for call one of our representatives and we

Fluid Bed Granulation Process Parameters that May Affect Quality of Granules As I said earlier the ability to monitor various process parameters will ensure you get high quality granules This is one of the main reasons why as fluid bed equipment manufacturers we insist on installing intelligent control systems that can monitor all fluid bed granulator variables

Scale Up Factors in Fluid Bed Processing The purpose of this document is to provide a brief guide for scaling up a fluid bed process The Theoretical Scale Up section describes how to theoretically calculate the starting operating parameters when scaling up a process

Fluid bed processing system WST/WSG Glatt Our proven fluidized bed talent for granulation of solids using the top spray method for a uniform reproducible quality High process efficiency through extremely fast drying and gentle product handling Suitable for batches of 5 to 1 500 kilograms per batch Further batch sizes available upon request

Fluid Bed Processing of Pharmaceuticals

PRECISION-COATERâ„¢: this multi-functional fluid bed processor can be used to make pellets by layering the active material onto an inert core Offering high spray rates for short processes non-pareil starter pellets are sprayed with a solution or suspension of the active material and dried simultaneously

2 The Fluid Bed Processor with Top spraying system for Agglomeration and Granulation Process : The process is used in fluid beds to form granules form a fine powder The fluidized powder is wetted with fluid / binder / starch pest by using top spraying system

Fluid bed machines come in a wide range of designs and configurations that suit various applications in the pharmaceutical industry However one distinct feature is always the exact location of the spray system Depending on the application or position of their spray system you may classify the available fluid bed equipment as: Fluid bed drying []

Model: Mini5 Description: One pre owned Glatt Mini5 Laboratory Fluid Bed Processor The Mini-Glatt is the laboratory classic for all fluidized bed processes with small batch quantities It offers maximum performance for minimum product volumes for test drying granulating and coating processes as well as spraying with top and bottom spraying methods (with proper change parts )

Fluid Bed Wurster HS Coating Systems from Glatt Air Techniques Source: Glatt Air Techniques The Wurster HS processing insert patented by Glatt in 1992 provides significant improvements over conventional Wurster coating technologies through increased productivity high spray rates increased yields and applications with fine particles

Fluid Bed Dryers Glatt Listing# 304092 Glatt GPCG 30/60 Fluid Bed Dryer with Top Spray and 18 inch Wurster Listing# 304092 Glatt GPCG 30/60 Fluid Bed Dryer with Top Spray and 18 inch Wurster Download High Res Photos Make an Inquiry Add To Watch List Finance for as low as

The inventory here is regularly updated with fluid bed dryers from many trusted manufacturers like Glatt Niro Freund-Vector and Aeromatic-Fielder By investing in a used fluid bed dryer from Federal Equipment Company you will be purchasing from a trusted name in processing equipment

Fluidized bed dryer (FBD) is well known and widely used equipment in granulation area of pharmaceutical manufacturing It is used in the granulation process for drying the material to get desired moisture content in the tablet formulation granules required for perfect compression of tablets

Impact of Particle Size Figure 3 shows the variation of the moisture content and the bed temperature during drying for large particles moderate particles and mixtures with a targeting moisture content of 20% and drying temperature of 80C The drying process for fine particles was also examined in this work However during drying the holes in the bed distributer were easily clogged by fine

1987 GPCG 1 Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturer: Glatt Model: GPCG1 Used Glatt fluid bed dryer model GPCG1 stainless steel construction top spray chamber with spray gun Wurster chamber with spray gun electrically heated 2 2 kw blower serial# 100771 built 1987

A fluidized bed is a physical phenomenon occurring when a quantity of a solid particulate substance (usually present in a holding vessel) is placed under appropriate conditions to cause a solid/fluid mixture to behave as a fluid This is usually achieved by the introduction of pressurized fluid through the particulate medium This results in the medium then having many properties and

Niro Model MP1 Stainless Steel Multi Processor Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator/Coater Stock #L1025-02 Reportedly very little used and only ran for validation Niro model MP1 stainless steel multi processor fluid bed dryer/granulator/coater Can be used for drying top spray fluid bed granulation and bottom spray powder pellet tablet coating

FLuID BeD PROCeSSING fluid bed granulation and wurster coating In dry stage granulation the particles only require a slight wetting to become tacky and stick to each other The granulating solution is applied at a rate less than or equal to its evaporation rate Thus the