This Line appeared in 1992 with the development of the first ever acrylic-based super-plasticiser in Europe Today thanks to technological innovations and the constant development of new products the admixtures for concrete line now offers solutions for the most varied range of construction needs from large-scale projects to residential buildings Benefitting from the expertise of the Sika Group - the second largest producer of concrete admixtures in the world Sika Canada offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of admixtures and additives available on the market We can serve clients across Canada in the production of concrete for virtually all residential commercial industrial

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Sika-1 Sika-1 is a normal setting waterproofing Additive the action of which is to block the capillaries and pores in concrete and mortar Sika-1 is chloride free and non-toxic in a cement mortar is suitable for contact with potable water

Sika provides a wide range of concrete admixtures with innovative options for concrete mix design whether it's for substantially reducing the water content of a mix (e g with Sika ViscoCrete) using a more economical mix design or achieving sufficient early strength Sika's concrete admixtures help you meet the challenges of modern concrete

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Functions of Waterproofing Admixtures A permeability reducing concrete admixture or waterproofing admixtures function in following ways: It reduces the size of capillary pores their numbers and continuity inside the concrete structure It blocks the capillary pores of concrete or It may line the capillary pores with hydrophobic materials

Waterproof concrete is an impermeable concrete used for long-lasting durable watertight construction To improve the impermeability of the concrete water-resisting admixtures can be added Nevertheless design and construction of a watertight concrete structure is a system approach and waterproof concrete is only one element of it Water


Concrete waterproofing admixture in powder form added during concrete preparation forming insoluble crystalline compounds Improves resistance to water permeability and does not affect vapor permeability of concrete Remains permanently active and withstands positive and negative hydrostatic pressure equally well Suitable for waterproofing

Concrete Admixtures Air Entrainers Foaming Agents Cemairin F300 Air enteraining agent for concrete See more Cemairin 260 Air entraining agent for concrete See more Concrete Admixtures Integral Waterproofing Flocrete W52 High range concrete superplasticiser and permeability reducing admixture See more Flocrete W77 Powder waterproofing admixture

System solutions with Sika not only meet high requirements for durability they fit the trends of modern concrete placing and architecture aspects in combination with ecological requirements Sika offers a full range of high quality chemical admixtures for Ready-Mix Precast Dry-Cast and Tunneling and Mining industry

WATERPROOFING BASEMENT WATERPROOFING WITH Sikaplan SHEET MEMBRANES CONCRETE Sika Admixtures Technology EXPERIENCE AND MARKET LEADERSHIP IN CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS More than 4 000 Sika specialists visit Since 1910 Sika has provided products and systems with a clear mission: to optimise the construction process We

Essential solutions for ready mix concrete We make innovative concrete admixtures that enable you to meet the most challenging designs and performance requirements Engineers choose our admixtures for concrete to build everything from the tallest skyscrapers to the largest infrastructure projects

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How Concrete Admixtures Work There are very many 'waterproofing' admixtures on the market world-wide that can be added to the concrete at mixing intended to achieve enhanced resistance to water migration Across the range of products there are many common features and differences The promotion of these systems through the pages of this

By using a crystalline concrete waterproofing method concrete can self-seal using crystal growth anytime water enters Crystalline waterproofing admix-tures are usually composed of Portland cement silica sand and special chemicals It is usually supplied as an easy-to-use dry powder that can be added to the ready-mix truck at the plant or

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A COMPLETE RANGE OF CONCRETE ADMIXTURES For more than a century Sika has been producing high quality innovative admixture technologies for concrete Sika's first product appropriately named Sika 1 was a concrete admixture that allowed for the electrification of tunnels in Europe by waterproofing the concrete that lined the interior

Sika develops and markets a complete range of admixtures and additives for use in concrete cement and mortar production These products enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened concrete such as workability watertightness durability load-bearing capacity or early and final strength

The hydrophilic hybrid-hydrogel properties stop moisture from moving through the concrete porosity ensuring the concrete is completely waterproof internally and sub-surface For concrete waterproofing in infrastructure marine environments basements below grade piles and foundations CONQOR B52 is the answer

All these 'waterproofing' admixtures reduce surface absorption and water permeability of the concrete by acting on the capillary structure of the cement paste They will not significantly reduce water penetrating through cracks or through poorly compacted concrete which are two of the more common reasons for water leakage through concrete

There are also some latex-polymer admixtures that can resist hydrostatic pressure but they can't bridge cracks in concrete and thus don't produce truly watertight concrete structures These admixtures are sometimes added to repair mortars but are not typically used in ready-mixed concrete

Given that concrete is used twice as much in construction over all other building materials emphasis on quality performance and sustainability is essential for the industry to grow and thrive One of the most important ingredients in high performance long-lasting durable and beautiful concrete produced today are concrete admixtures