A publication of the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project may be helpful to grandparents Titled The Grandparent's Guide to Custody and Visitation in Pennsylvania it includes plain-language explanations of Pennsylvania law It even contains copies Anthracite People Anthracite People is the story of immigration and ethnicity in the Anthracite Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania From the Region's first arrivals Paleo-Indians to the present day immigrants from Europe Asia Africa and Latin America the exhibit highlights themes of life and work

Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902: Causes Significance and

Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 for kids Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th American President who served in office from September 14 1901 to March 4 1909 One of the important events during his presidency was the Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902

In Honor and In Memory This site is dedicated to my Dad Grandfathers and all the brave souls who worked in the coal mines of Pennsylvania's Anthracite region and to their families and friends who call the Coal Region and Schuylkill County in particular "home" — many of

DALLAS Pa (AP) — School's out for students in one northeastern Pennsylvania school district due to a teachers' strike Dallas School District teachers hit the picket lines Monday Their last contract expired 15 months ago Superintendent Thomas Duffy plans to meet with state education officials Monday to determine how long the strike can last

It grew from less than 10 000 members before the strike to become the nation's largest trade union with over 100 000 members 3 The bituminous coal operators in Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana and Illinois recognized the UMW as the representative of the

Pennsylvania judge breaks teachers' strike By Adam Mclean 29 June 2018 Teachers in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Dallas went on strike on June 19 to fight to secure a contract and oppose school authorities' demands for cuts in wages and healthcare and pension benefits The teachers who have been without a contract for three years

Thoughts on Strike Indicators

I grew up on a family farm in northeastern Pennsylvania The head waters of a small wild trout stream emerged from a spring in our backyard My father built a number of ponds in the yard and pasture before allowing the trickle to form little Raven Creek which then drops downstream some eight miles to join with bigger Fishing Creek

To improve working conditions and increase wages for mine workers Specifically a 20% wage increase an 8-hour workday (down from 10 for miners and 12 for maintenance workers) the right to check the operator's stated weight of coal the creation of a grievance policy fair to workers recognition of the union and the right to collectively bargain

Pennsylvania judge breaks teachers' strike By Adam Mclean 29 June 2018 Teachers in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Dallas went on strike on June 19 to fight to secure a contract and oppose school authorities' demands for cuts in wages and healthcare and pension benefits The teachers who have been without a contract for three years

Northeastern Pennsylvania retains its multiethnic character having overcome many cultural differences that in the past set groups against each other In an effort to overcome the divide and conquer strategy that employers sometimes used to prevent ethnically diverse coal workers from uniting labor leader and United Mine Workers of America

After the war Schuylkill County stood as the epicenter of Northeastern Pennsylvania violence through the Long Strike of 1875 The so-called Molly Maguires a reputed conspiracy of insurgent Irish Catholic miners veiled behind the Ancient Order of Hibernian allegedly perpetrated assaults and vengeful murders against mine bosses and company

The Anthracite Coal Strike in northeastern Pennsylvania had been going on for over four months with no signs of ending President Theodore Roosevelt feared "untold miserywith the certainty of riots which might develop into social war " He felt something must be done But the federal government had no legal right to intervene in a dispute

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Anthracite Coal Region – of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Scranton — On Saturday May 13 2017 from 8:30 a m to 4:00 p m the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum will host 6th Biennial Anthracite Heritage Conference The conference is intended to encourage public interest in and knowledge about the Anthracite Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania

The 1958 strike was about curbing the mob sector and in effect renegotiating the previously made arrangements It was the article argues a kind of real-world anticorruption effort waged by union members and union leaders at some risk to themselves in mob-dominated towns such as Pittston Pennsylvania

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The Appalachian Basin has been an important shale-gas-producing province since the early 1800s with an estimated 3 0 tcf already produced from Devonian black shale Until recently the organic-rich Marcellus Shale although recognized as a major source rock was not a significant hydrocarbon producer in the Appalachian Basin

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Pennsylvania is also home to a diverse group of people with ethnic enclaves of black Hispanic and Southeast Asian populations in its major cities Pennsylvania is also diverse in that the Eastern and Southeastern parts of the state are urban and densely populated while much of the rest of the state is rural and/or mountainous

About the Anthracite Coal Mining Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania The Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania encompasses six counties in Pennsylvania: Carbon Columbia Lackawanna Luzerne Northumberland and Schuylkill (a small portion of Dauphin County also contained coal)

Presents the stories of Eastern Europeans who emigrated to Northeastern Pennsylvania during the early decades of the 20th century in order to escape their war-ravaged homelands and begin a new life in America Emphasizes the sense of community family and religious values that these immigrants maintained even in the midst of a new land and a new culture

In October of 1902 a major strike shut down the industry for 5 months idling 100 000 miners After government intervention the strike was settled with significant union gains Mining in the flat-lying coal beds near Scranton (Courtesy USBM) Coal pillars timbers and waste rock provided roof support