08/05/2011Can someone explain the story of tantalus for me? ( please don't get the information from like wikipedia) Also can anyone tell me another medium that tantalus has been in (a poem song lyrics speech painting photograph novel or short story excerpt advertisement etc ) I mainly need help with this Try to find tantalus in another medium not like the story The myth of Tantalus is about the punishment of Tantalus by the Gods and it is associated with many other myths in Greek mythology referring to heroes that were punished by the Gods for their behavior or crimes According to the myth Tantalus was one of the residents of the deepest portion of the Underworld known as Tartarus where most people were some sort of evildoers

Profile of Tantalus Mortal Son of Zeus

Tantalus is known primarily for the punishment he endured Tantalus is shown in Tartarus in the Underworld eternally trying to do the impossible On earth he was punished either by having a stone hang forever over his head or by being driven from his kingdom

Greek Mythology - Tantalus Pelops and Oenomaus 2016-5-19 Greek Mythology online texts: Pelops and Oenomaus Centaurs and Lapiths Greek Mythology and folk tales from Greece books - menu Tantalus In Phrygia in Asia Minor beneath the sacred mountain Tmolus where Midas had once been king Tantalus son of Zeus by the oceanid Pluto was now

But each time Tantalus stretched to pluck this juicy sustenance the boughs receded from his grasp For his crime which may have entailed stealing ambrosia from the gods this great sinner was tantalized indeed More pictures of Tantalus in the entries for Tartarus ambrosia and nectar Tantalus

Greek mythology has many stories involving cannibalism Medea was a horrible mother because she killed her children but at least she didn't kill them secretly and then serve them to their father at a reconciliation feast as Atreus did The cursed House of Atreus actually contains two instances of cannibalism

Tantalus is a Greek demigod king who was sent to the Fields of Punishment for trying to feed the gods human flesh He also temporarily served as activities director of Camp Half-Blood during the events of The Sea of Monsters Mark Hamill was cast to play Tantalus but was never seen in the film adaptation of The Sea of


Tantalus was a mortal king in Greek mythology He did many bad things against the gods and goddesses At a banquet he tried to feed people the flesh of his son Pelops He had asked the gods and goddesses to come to this banquet When they learn what he had planned they punished Tantalus in not only this world (the world of the living) but the next as well (the

Yet all along Mr Dodin is laying the table for a banquet worthy of Tantalus the king in Greek Very funny God good one In Greek mythology a strikingly similar thing happens to Tantalus in Tartarus: as his punishment for the life he led prior to his death he sees fruit dangling above him

Tantalus 1 is punished in Hades by not being able to eat or drink as the water in the lake dries out and the fruits in the trees are lifted by the wind each time he tries to reach either Famous torment In the same way as some are famous for their lives and others are famous for their deaths Tantalus 1 became famous for the manner of his punishment in the afterlife

In Greek mythology Tantalus king of Lydia was the son of Zeus* A favorite of the gods he was often invited to dine at their feasts But Tantalus angered the gods Some stories say that he betrayed their secrets to mortals while others claim that he stole the food of the gods Another myth gives a more gruesome explanation saying that

Jun 29 2012 - Tantalus (Greek Τάνταλος Tntalos) was a Greek mythological figure most famous for his eternal punishment in Tartarus: to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches with the fruit ever eluding his grasp and the water always receding before he could take a drink He was the father of Pelops Niobe and Broteas and was a son of Zeus and the

Tantalus was a mythological king from Greek mythology and was once said to be a blessed individual who sealed his own fate due to his evil deeds Tantalus was initially known for having been welcomed to Zeus' table in Olympus like Ixion There he is said to have misbehaved and stolen ambrosia

Who was Tantalus in Greek myth? Tantalus (TAN-ta-luss) was a Greek king (and a son of Zeus) who was so full of hubris that he thought he could fool the gods (More about hubris)When Zeus invited Tantalus to come up on Mount Olympos and eat dinner with the gods Tantalus plotted to steal the gods' special food (ambrosia and nectar) and give it to his friends back on earth!

In Greek mythology there are two other characters named Tantalus—minor figures and descendants of the above Tantalus Broteas is said to have had a son named Tantalus who ruled over either the city of Pisa in the Peloponnesus or of Lydia in present-day Turkey This Tantalus was the first husband of Clytemnestra


Tantalus Greek Tantalos ancient mythical king of Phrygia a name of uncertain origin perhaps literally the Bearer or the Sufferer by dissimilation from *tal-talos a reduplication of PIE root *tele-to bear carry support (see extol) in reference to his long endurance but Watkins finds this unlikely and Beekes writes that An IE

Tantalus (Greek mythology) - Credo Reference Tantalus (Greek mythology) In Greek mythology the son of ZEUS and a NYMPH (or of the Titaness Pluto) He was a Lydian king highly honoured and prosperous but because he offended the gods he was plunged up to the chin in a river of HADES OBTENIR UN PRIX

Greek Mythology Greek Gods Deified Mortals DEIFIED MORTALS The Greek pantheon of gods included mortal-born heroes and heroines who were elevated to godhood through a process which the Greeks termed apotheosis Some of these received the privilege as a reward for their benefactions to mankind--e g Heracles Asclepius and Aristaeus-- others

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Tantalus' punishment Tantalus Tantalaus (Τάνταλος Tntalos) was the great king of Sibylus Lydia who pleased all twelve Olympians He was the son of Zeus and the nymph Plouto He would often invite the gods to dinner at his great palace Thus Tantalaus thought he had nothing good enough to offer them as being gods they would already have access to the most delectable

in ancient Greek mythology a Lydian or Phrygian king son of Zeus and father of Pelops and Niobe Because Tantalus divulged the secrets of the Olympians and stole nectar and ambrosia from them and served the flesh of his own son Pelops—whom he had slain—to the gods at a feast the gods condemned him to eternal torments in the underworld