Our Cut to Length Systems cut wire fast accurate and leave clean burr-free surfaces Novo Cut to Length Machines can run a wide range of material with custom repeatable cut lengths These wire cutting machines are designed and produced by meticulous tool and die makers as a precision tool The design of the guards makes it easy to access all internal and external areas of the machine cutting the time required for routine cleaning and maintenance to a minimum Versatility The '750' cut and wrap machines can handle a wide variety of confectionery products such as hard candy caramel and toffee chewy sweets and bubble gum

Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60

CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60-Amp Plasma Cutter PrimeWeld Unlike traditional manual cutters these plasma cutting machines help achieve precision as it exactly cuts the edges of the metals in an efficient way On using these cutters you will be guaranteed of exact cuts and fine edges

Other Cutting Mediums: There are a number of other novel technologies that use different mediums to cut material Examples include laser cutting machines oxy-fuel cutting machines plasma cutting machines and water-jet cutting technology Materials Used: Almost any material can be used in a CNC machine It really depends on the application

300W fiber laser welding machine FP300 150W semiconductor pumped fiber laser welder SFP150 300W semiconductor fiber laser welder SFP300 Semiconductor laser welder Large beam size plastic laser welder - WFD Series Mold repair welder Mold repair welding system MOLD301 Mold repair welding system MOLD302

We are the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Cutting Stripping machines These machines are available in many models including Wire Cutting Cum Stripping Machines Wire cutting and stripping machines: Model-CTSS 33 High Speed Wire Cutting Stripping machine 'RAE-Ser-1' High Speed Wire Cutting Stripping Slitting machine 'RAE-Ser-1+S' etc

GMT can provide just about any kind of rebar machine We always have several stirrup machines in our own warehouse facilities around the world refurbished and ready to ship When we purchase a machine it is normally for refurbishment purposes However some rebar bending machines have been well maintained during it's operation time

Second Hand Market: used machines from Uniflex Hose

Used machines from UNIFLEX Buying a used machine can be a real alternative to buying new We have a wide range of used or ex-demonstration metering and measurement devices to very attractive prices All of our used machines are in perfect condition and even though they have hardly been used we have painstakingly overhauled them

pipe tube cutting machines Lincoln Electric manufactures a line of CNC pipe profiling and cutting machines that stem from the expertise of a company that has been manufacturing them since 1930 The product line was built around a wide range of applications with two main product lines handling pipe diameters from one inch to over 60 inches

Display4top CUT-50 DC Inverter Plasma Cutter 110/220V Dual Voltage Compact Metal Cutting Machine JackDave 20PCS 220941 Plasma Tips 20PCS 220842 Plasma Electrode Fit Hypertherm Powermax 65/85/105 LOTOS LTP5500D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Brown (55AMP Digital) Donwind 220842 Plasma Cutter Electrodes fit Plasma

A full range of abrasive precision cutting machines and sectioning saw equipment for metallography testing Specimen preparation for microstructural examination starts with a quality cut The proper equipment with firm and stable vising minimizes the depth of deformation on the sample surface The abrasive and precision saws save time by

11/14/2019The new product catalogue for cutting equipment gives a comprehensive overview of systems and technologies for the CNC-guided and manual plasma cutting Q-Series - Industrie 4 0 Um den Film zu sehen bentigen Sie den FlashPlayer Get ready for the future with our new Q series of digital plasma cutting machines

American Plant Equipment Popular Inventory Items Complete Foam Cutting Plant Complete New Foam Plant Cutters Slitters Convoluters Foam Machines Miscellaneous Peelers Shredders Compression Machine (Flat) Compression Machine (Roll) Compression Machine (Innersprings) Splitters Skyvers Vertical Foam Cutter (Automatic and Manual) Horizontal Foam Cutters Continuous Foam

7/2/2007If you only have 115V primary service don't worry Several 12- and 25-amp plasma cutters such as the Spectrum 125C or Spectrum 375 operate using 115 or 230 V power If your input circuit has a 30-amp breaker you even get equal cutting capacity at both voltages (with a 20-amp breaker cutting capacity drops by 20 percent)

The other Cut 50 amp machines would have gone through 3-4 tips by now The main difference is the thickness of the copper base that touches the work-piece to strike the arc is much heavier and the internal pieces to the cutting tip are fewer and also heavier duty than other machines

Used Machines for Marble Granite

Second hand used and reconditioned machinery for stoneworking We buy and sell used machines for the marble granite and stone industries On average we have more than 250 machines listed on our website ready for sale From small bridge saws to multiwire machines you name it we've got it! Explore our online stone machine catalog or use our search bar at the top of every page

AMP-TYCO-TE CONNECTIVITY MACHINES AMP CLS IV+ Universal Cut and Strip Blades are made to precision standards from specially selected tool steel All blades sets listed are available and in stock for shipping within 1-3 days All JWB Manufacturing Wire Cutting and Stripping Blades are made in the USA AMP CLS IV+ (Thin) AMP CLS IV+ (Thick

Our associates in India offer cashew processing consultancy and act as Banking consultants providing projects report for setting up kaju udyog We also provide complete training in running cashew plant which includes how to use cashew boilers for steam or cookers how to use fully automatic cashew cutting machines cashew dryers cashew peeling

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying SPM Profile Cutting Machine- Gas/plasma 1meter x 1meter which are specially designed to cater client's demand These machines can be effortlessly carried to the workplace as they are small in shape and light weight In addition to this we can also place these machines straight

The circuit is one of the best-selling die-cutting machines on the market It is adored by scrapbookers card makers and paper crafters A heat press on the other hand is made for imprinting designs or graphics on t-shirts Cricut vs Uscutter Cricut machines are one of the most popular die-cutting machines on the market

Fusion cutting 6 mm Fusion cutting Please note: In these part images the underside is shown facing upwards This provides you with a better view of the slight burr formations 3 mm Flame cutting 3 mm Flame cutting 3 mm Fusion cutting 3 mm Fusion cutting CO 2 laser: When carrying out flame cutting (with oxygen) both laser beam sources achieve the

Gear Cutting Machines Gear cutting machine during milling process The category of Gear Cutting Machines includes any machinery used in the process of manufacturing a gear worm gears or gear racks CNC Gear cutting process can be used either after or instead of certain forming processes such as forging and extruding and include such stages as hobbing broaching milling and grinding

Laser Cutting Metal laser cutting Laser AMP is an expert in metal laser cutting With six lasers and a continuous operating capacity Laser AMP is able to adapt to different production volumes cutting a variety of metals namely: steel stainless steel or aluminum With regards to the characteristics of your specialized project we will tailor our services to address your specific needs